A selection of recent photographs of Cornwall, UK taken with Nikon, Sony & Panasonic digital cameras

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Sunday 26th August 2018 ...


Rushy Bay, Bryher

Saturday 25th August, 11.00 a.m. We are staying on the Isles of Scilly for a week and yesterday we had a boat trip to Bryher, one of the off islands.  The tide was very low so we had to transfer to a rubber dinghy to land in Rushy Bay and paddle ashore.



Samson Hill, Bryher

The view from Samson Hill above Rushy Bay



Tresco from Bryher

Tresco from Samson Hill



Green Bay, Bryher

Green Bay, low tide



Green Bay, Bryher

Jack having a paddle







Green Bay, Bryher

Green Bay as the tide came in



Green Bay, Bryher

Black Dog



Green Bay, Bryher

Two black dogs in this view



Green Bay, Bryher

Tresco from Green Bay, Bryher



Green Bay, Bryher

Tresco and St Mary's from Bryher - the weather was superb on Saturday




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