A selection of recent photographs of Cornwall, UK taken with Nikon, Sony & Panasonic digital cameras

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Monday 11th September ...


The Crowns engine houses

Thursday 7th September, 11.30 a.m. The Crowns engine houses near Botallack



The Crowns engine houses

Nearest the sea is the pumping engine house and above it is the winding engine house



The Crowns engine houses

This narrow path was a bit tricky but gave access to a good view



The pumping engine house dates from 1835





The coastal scenery along here is pretty wild



Levant Mine

The engine houses of Levant Mine with the lighthouse of Pendeen Watch in the distance



Levant Mine

One of the National Trust's information boards



Levant Mine

The beam engine in the winding engine house on the left has been restored and is still steamed



Looking back at Levant from Pendeen Watch




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