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Wednesday 25th March 2020 ...


Caerhays Castle

There's been a long interval since I last updated the Cornwall CAM web site. I have been busy with other things but in these uncertain times I thought it was time to resume more regular web site updates.  It won't be daily but hopefully I will find time to put pictures on the web site more often than recently.  Because of the current restrictions there won't be opportunity for many new recent photos but I have a large archive to select from.

These photos date from Monday 16th March and were taken on a visit to Caerhays Castle Gardens to see the Magnolias. This was one of the last days that the gardens were open to the public before they closed due to the coronavirus restrictions.



Rhododendron and daffodils

Daffodils and a large rhododendron




A large magnolia



The view down towards Porthluney Cove

The view down towards the lake and Porthluney Cove




The branches of this magnolia frame the azaleas beneath it




The countryside beyond the estate seen above magnolias and rhododenron




A striking deep coloured magnolia




A backlit magnolia




Very vivid pink flowers



Bare trees

Nice lighting on these bare trees - the tree on the right isn't in danger of falling - it's distortion caused by the ultra wide angle lens on my phone camera



A mossy spot for this badger woodcut and flowerpots



Porthluney Cove

The sky above Porthluney beach




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