A selection of recent photographs of Cornwall, UK taken with Nikon, Sony & Panasonic digital cameras

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Thursday 29th June ...


Poppies and corn marigolds

Tuesday 20th June, 11.50 a.m. After a good look at the wild flower meadows at West Pentire, I went on to walk down to the beach at Polly Joke



Polly Joke beach and Kelsey Head

Polly Joke beach and Kelsey Head



One of the best placed benches around the coast - always welcome when trudging back up from the beach



It was a hot day and I was glad of a paddle to cool down



Atlantic Diver, a pleasure boat from Newquay



Polly Joke beach

A day when the temperature reached 29C, the beach was the place to be



Hardly any of the bathers was wearing a wetsuit, which is not what we are used to seeing



Polly Joke beach

The tide was coming in



Kelsey Head

Kelsey Head



Poppies and corn marigolds at West Pentire

Back at the poppy and corn marigold fields on the way back to West Pentire



Poppies at West Pentire

Poppies in the view towards Cubert




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