The Royal Duchy - Penzance to Taunton - 16 April 2001

Penzance Station

A First Great Western train waiting to leave Penzance Station, 1.17 p.m.

The rare event today is the chance to see a double headed steam train leaving Penzance railway station for a journey to Taunton. The carriages and their passengers had arrived earlier in the day pulled by the red EWS diesel locomotive picture above in the siding.

The Royal Duchy

4936 "Kinlet Hall"  and 5029 "Nunney Castle" have just backed onto the train in the siding at Eastern Green.


Royal Duchy

The two locomotives back the train into Penzance Station.


Penzance Station

A small crowd have lined the seafront path to watch the departure.


The Royal Duchy

Everyone was waiting for the HST obscuring the view of "Nunney Castle"  to leave and it did depart in good time.


Kinlet Hall

4936 "Kinlet Hall" in Great Western Railway livery


Nunney Castle

5029 "Nunney Castle" in British Railways livery


The Royal Duchy

2.02 p.m. and they're off.


The Royal Duchy

With both locomotives' safety valves blowing it's a noisy departure ...


The Royal Duchy

... and a smoky one too. Looking at these photographs, I can smell the smoke and steam again!

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All photographs Copyright 2001 Charles Winpenny. All rights reserved.