Some pictures from a visit to Lydford Gorge, Devon in June 1999 ....
White Lady Waterfall
The White Lady Waterfall is 90 feet high.
And below you can see it all at once ...
White Lady Waterfall
Lydford Gorge
The path alongside the River Lyd at the bottom of the gorge is very picturesque.
Lydford Gorge
After rain, like today, the path can be very slippery. You need to watch your step.
You wouldn't want to fall in somewhere like this - The Tunnel Falls
Tunnel Falls
Bridge to Devil's Cauldron
At the end of the gorge you can queue up to follow a very narrow, slippery path to stand on this bridge and see the water appearing to boil in The Devil's Cauldron ...
The Devil's Cauldron

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All photographs Copyright 1999 Charles Winpenny. All rights reserved.